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PUBG MOBILE 300+25 UC Code

91 EGP

Buy now Pubg Mobile 300+25 UC Redeem Code without fees! And enjoy playing with your team with prompt delivery you will receive the game code to your e-mail.
(Valid for one year)

Pubg Mobile 300+25 UC Redeem Code (Global)

Allows you to unlock rare items, classic chests, modern chests, supply boxes, clothes, umbrellas, unlock weapon skins, season tickets and many more.

(used for all regions)

Product information :

PUBG mobile game is the first game in the world in terms of the number of its players because it is played by about 1 billion players around the world.

It consists of matches, of which the number of players is 100 players, the others are 4 against 4 and the others are 8 against 8 , the goal is to survive, this is what makes the game fun and interesting.

How to top up the card to your account inside the game:

1. You must find your Player ID from the game.

2. You must have an account on the midasbuy website, and if you do not have it, you should go to Midasbuy then click on Create Account and add your data completely.

Pubg Mobile

3. You go to midasbuy – redeem code and put your Player ID as shown in the picture and then press OK (please check it well).

4. You add the digital card inside the (Redeem gifts) as shown in the picture.

5. You finally click on OK to confirm the filling.

6. Congratulations your account has been top up.