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Razer Gold $50 ( Global ) - Instant Delivery


Buy Razer Gold PINS now and enjoy top-up over 42,000 game and entertainment content with instant delivery and earn free Razer silver.

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Product information:

Razer Gold is one of the largest sellers of digital and tangible products You can make a purchase using Razer Gold in over 42,000 game and entertainment content, including getting rewarded with a reward program for players called Razer Silver, Each spend in Razer Gold earns you Razer Silver.

You can also buy through Razer Gold products like ( Pubg Mobile, Free Fire, PSN All Region, NEW STATE MOBILE, Call Of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends, and others …. )

You can exchange Razer silver points for many products, including ( Razer gold, tangible products, digital products and more….)

You can buy the Razer Gold from 5.6 million points of sale around the world.

How to top up a Razer Gold account :

1. You need to have a new account by logging in Create a new account.

2. Write your complete personal information on the site and you will get 500 silver coins.

3. Visit Razer Gold – Reload.

4. You choose a Razer Gold PIN.

5.You can add the packing card you bought inside “Pin or Voucher Code” then click “Next“.

6. Click on “i’m not a robot” and then choose the required photos from you.

7. You have successfully reload your Razer Gold wallet with Razer Gold PIN.