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PUBG NEW STATE NC PIN Is a digital card that is top-up to obtain and use skins redemption, including weapon skins, costume skins and other in-game content.

Product information:

PUBG NEW STATE MOBILE is a battle royale game that gives an intense experience of PUBG MOBILE played by about more than 10 million around the world.

PUBG new state is the second part of PUBG Mobile that has very realistic graphics that go beyond the limits of other games and was released for smartphones on November 11, 2021 for Android and iOS.

An interesting experience in 20 minutes is a quick battle royale mode where 64 players face off when they are dropped into a severely shrunken play area armed with pistols, smoke bombs and a small amount of drone credits and there is a round called the death round, consisting of 4vs4 and the goal of all this is to survive.


Product Top-Up method:

1. you must find your account ID from the game and then copy it.

2. go to New State Redeem.

3. add the card you bought inside (Enter the coupon code).

new state 1

4. add the account ID in (Enter your Account ID).

new state 2

5. click on (I am not a robot) and select the required photos from you.

new state 3


6. click on (REDEEM).

new state 4

7. congratulations have been Top-Up your account.